50% of the Barakat / Blessings proceeds will support Afghanistan charities. 50% of the Barakat / Blessings proceeds will go to supporting humanitarian missions in Afghanistan.

    we are the mana combe

    Ascend Duality. Honor the Whole.



    The Afghan is the alchemist.

    Turning lead to gold.

    Turning pain into power.

    Barakat is the Arabic word for Blessings. In this design ~ the blessings are mirrored to create movement, sacred geometry, and the intention of abundant blessings for all. That all should have the right to live this blessed life in peace. This pendant symbolizes the alchemical process of the Afghan people, made in precious metals. Half of all proceeds will go to multiple Afghan charity organizations; who are working directly to provide humanitarian relief. The first organization we will be supporting is Uplift Fund lead by Ilaha Omar.

      Farrah Siddiq Energy Work Reiki Collaboration Barakat Blessings Healer

      The Muse

      Farah Siddiq

      The Maker

      Melanie Clarke

      The Blessing

      Melanie and Farah share an infinite Love for the splendors of our magnificent omniverse. We feel deeply. We live fully. Our shared passion of artistic expression and love of humanity has galvanized our friendship throughout the years, and inevitably led us to creating the Barakat // Blessings collaboration. In August of 2021, the world watched as Afghanistan's infrastructure collapsed, and power was given to the taliban radicals. Being that Farah's ancestral lineage hails from Afghanistan, her call to action sprung forward and she stepped into service for her Afghan people. We had discussed creating this pendant a year prior to the takeover and now we had a redefined purpose for our collaborative mission. Melanie took the steps and got the piece into production, using Farah's special mirrored Arabic calligraphy drawing. What you see is a co-creative symbol of our blessing and offering, infused with Reiki, so that all may live their blessed life in peace. We are donating half of all proceeds to various humanitarian organizations, who are working boots on the ground to serve the displaced Afghan people.


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